What makes a video art vs. entertainment?

1970’s wave of political movements, and video invented..

Today screens everywhere

Artists could now speak back to the media in its own medium

Is Video Art still radical?

How Video frames the ever shifting cultural and political narratives.

Artists performing to the camera

Caroline Garcia

Primitive Nostalgia, 2014

West Side Story

Gidget goes Hawian

The Problematic way POC have been exploited/fetishised

To hold space predominantly held by white ppl

Christian Thompson

Refuge, 2014

Singing in traditional language with pianist from Velvet Underground

Not to teach, but to give a sensorial feel for

Dead Tounge, 2015

A simple but profound action of keeping language alive, and the sonic value of the language

The political aspect of Christian’s work is political wether he likes it or not


Walking the Wall, 2015

Referencing body performances of 1970’s

Pacific/Western culture

Playing on tropes of body suits and high heels

The tattoo (maru_?)

Shouldn’t be shown in public a further questioning and conversation around that

Technological, socio-political, environmental changes

What does video art tell us about who we are and what we might become?


The bastard child of TV and Cinema

Go to medium for museums

Artists mining cinematic history

Reko Rennie

A road trip reflecting on family history, including Grandmother stolen generation

Aboriginal people working enslaved on the land, white people going to church and getting their sins absolved

A landscape of trauma and beauty

The car bright coloured, not fitting in standing out

Reko grew up in Western Suburbs

Masculinity and car culture

The video was completed without permission

Emotionally charged work:

Soda Jerk

Renegade archivists

Re-cutting and framing existing media into new forms

Terror Nullius - (Tarra Nullius Nobody’s land)

Responding to

Speculative fiction, and imagining utopias is over

Its actually a time for historical reckoning

Resilient Punk and DIY resources

Even things like real estate

Amos Gebhardt

Conventional presentations of white/skinny

That leaves so much out

Interested in non-binary genders, changing representations of the

Can become unhealthy when it becomes too rigid, and can become a frame work of repression

New ways of seeing and imagining ourselves


Xanthe Dobe

A techno-utopia

How much has the internet become a dystopia

One Million Views, 2016

eg: Portrait of Lauren Ostrowski-Fenton

Cian Baker

Lazy and poor, gifs, emojis, being the closest we have got to

The online being a ‘real’ identity

Making works that can read on a lot of levels and

Joe Hamilton

How we deal with space, use movie like special effects

BBC nature coco footage as a backdrop, a natural environment with

Regular Division,

Merge Nodes, 2016

Short artworks, very dense and compacted, fighting for attention online.

Access to distribution to spread the work very easily

Club Ate

ATE- means big sister

Waves of colonisation in the Philipines

A lot of young artists create avatars and alternate realities

The internet being a way of reclaiming space