Chaired by Wemba-Wemba and Gunditjmara artist, curator, academic and Co-Curator of Unfinished Business, Paola Balla, with guest panellists Maddee Clark, Neika Lehman, Kate Just, Nina Lykke

Lisa Bellare - Melbourne Poet

Erasure of identities

Artist Unknown - poem Lisa Bellare

Propaganda that art practices

Trash talking white institutions

Neika -  2018 Un Magazine - Indigenous editors

Maddy Clark



Pointing out white middle-class concerns in feminism >

What ever image you create of a person you have to give it back to them

Kim Kruger

Virginia Fraser

Destiny Deacon

Simple gesture of giving this image back to them, a strong ethics that everyone can learn from

Reciprocity and that being really important

Respect, responsibility and how you respond to indigenous people

Keep interrogating what

co-option and intersectionality

Nina Lykke

Intersectionality being a useful tool for self criticism

Kimberley Crenshaw

Look into

Questions Why were we white feminists who were against imperialism - how the hell did we miss so much on race, and racism???

Whiteness and eurocentrism of Marxism - the hetero white man in the centre of class struggle has had detrimental effects on the whole leftist movement
Rethinking white privileges more generally
Deeply listening and taking action on it

Deeply white the VCA is
Breeds the Melbourne art scene which you might want to talk to Kate Just
Anger and how important it is to women’s discourse- just get over it attitude, anger is marginalised

Whiteness at the VCA
making space for others voices
reminding institutions
i am in a position of privilege and perpetrating that privilege by being in that position
mentoring people into leadership roles to shake down the institution and whose voices get

36:49 Paola Bella

What are you willing to give up? it does require sacrifice
practices that need to be done

diversity/multiculturalism as a euphemism for ‘black’
Race belonging to black people, and can i talk about stuff that i’m interested in
being a mouth piece for…

researchers vs subject matter researcher

collaborative story

use of language, the final word not having the final word, translating/the mediator

big bucket and tissues cause the white women will cry, saving them
shifting you into another mode where you have to save them

ego needs to be checked all the time

Indigenous study, not just on Indigenous week but this should be throughout all 12 weeks

Feminist futures being challenged day of the first slut walk…having their race named.. “i think you’re doing the best you can do”

Being co-opted
sometimes it sneaks up on you

dragged from the fringes and packaged up gift wrapped, brought to the centre and then you’re told you have to be grateful for that

Being angry… why are there 2 white people on the Black Feminist panel, and where are we if you’re not there? We’re talking to ourselves again

Kate- story about Blindside

Interrogating and changing spaces

Paulo Bella

Justify your career and your existence, and its not easy to say hard things in front of people - “today i’m going to insult 50 white people” - but its nothing in the face of what we’ve faced. We hear the men’s story…its not the womens stories that get heard not to disrespect the (aboriginal) men

There are so many opportunities to decolonise your practice, keep pulling those weeds out

Constantly facing micro aggressions

I’m not going to grateful and nice, because the ‘fuckery meter only goes so far…”

Nina - Lisa poem, that she doesn’t want to talk to white women. Its important that white women start talking and acting without needing provocation

Think about it and act on it

About not wanting to have the conversation anymore, protecting yourself by not having the conversation (Aboriginal women, poc)

We have just enough time for one self indulgent long winded response’ A scene where a white person talks out of turn and
Black Panther movie
that he will be fed to the children

Try and limit how painful Q&A’s will be

What will it take for change?
How many gate keepers are there? Whats the time line? Wheres the funding? Actually just giving money to people, hiring people, black people, queer people, real artists, live another life and move on

58:00 Kate: It depends on the institution and how many people are in it.
2-3 roles come up every couple of years, if you’re a…
Its only 3-5 people in any organisation

PB: reparation, decolonisation, their words are reconciliation, diversity, multiculturalism, there are cultural

not asking us to do lots of work
‘Curriculum consultant’
Institutions loves numbers…

Nina - not to think of institutions as stable, critiquing theories, epistemologies,

Reparations about land and wealth

PB- we’re saying it but were not being heard

Toying with black face, completely inappropriate, its not us to talk or speak to - taboo or hidden terms, subverting, political correctness - play some sort of fantasy race card - myth and propaganda perpetuated by the colony

White people in indigenous studies, being seen as wanting to be needed.

Assimilated, co-opted, protecting themselves, instead of what they should be doing, nurturing young people, making pathways

We can’t project our experiences on you

Self care and preservation in that space

Institutional problem

Art institutions, art galleries all being sites of colonial power. They are the white embodiment of colonial power.

The very structures and buildings are made to make us feel un-important

Throwing you under the bus

Proper community values

Who to avoid, it gets easier as you get older

Instability, find the gaps and fissures in the institutions, its good to bring it down

Under imperial control, the desire to possess is a patriarchal value

the desire to control is a white patriarchal value

white women’s violence

colonialism is not a mans problem

sentimental values

‘latte babies’

no place

not raised in culture very fraught

act of violence

passive aggression, crying is violence

guilt, grief, shock - the truth the country you’re living on, you’ve been raised on and then projecting that onto the next black woman you encounter

Acts of forgetting is also violence, we are trained to remember, the act of remembering, you’re not allowed to forget, don’t forget to check yourself…