PACT Week 12/13

Art as Research

Research as Art

MCA First year


Identifying areas of research to be investigated

Conceptual/Theoretical frameworks to inform your practice

Apply and develop understanding of art to apply it to your work

Contemporary and Historical frameworks

Facilitate better communication skills around critical theory and ideas

Reality of 21st Century, you have to be able to articulate and significant the relevance of your art practice critically

Where do you situate your own practice?

The relevance of research to your own practice

Jaye: the work being enough - is not good enough

Jaye’s background - Art History/Theory

Being in exhibitions

Being included in residencies, exhibitions, funding

Selling yourself to curators

The ability to pitch your practice

Sink or swim situation

Play and spontaneity

letting go of the veil of intellectualism/criticism in making

An opportunity for your work to evolve through critique

Practice-led research

The ripple effect of conceptual art

societal knowledge of art works


Contextualising - how i exist in the world - research

Research/ articulation/ theoretical framework

Practice led - Putting your ideas in the context of the world

Justifying your art in the world



RUTH from the library


Purchasing ebooks



PACT 1 - Week 13

Research as Art / Art as Research

JAYE Reads Barb B’s article.

Not to describe his/her work

Maps the ruptures,

A unique perspective on the work from the outside in

Discursive mapping project

Artwork to stand eloquently

Mapping the work of art, as well as sending the work out into the world

Jaye - A greater onus on the artists voice in terms of validating their work which historically have been done by other people

Making a move away from the co-dependant curatorial practices and ideas

Damien ideas around how research challenges what art is

PHD research has had an impact on contemporary art

Melody reports on non-academic research

And experience of moving to Iceland

Jaye: How does research contribute to artistic practice

Ideas: How to cry in front of a Rothko painting

Darryn: Talking about those ideas by negating them

Brian Martin - Methodology and Content

Tyson Yunkaporta

The Colonial Fantasy - Why white australia can’t solve black problems


Focoult - Focoult and the contemporary

Darryn: Use and abuse of history, looking at things from a ‘Presentism’ view, not understanding or taking into account the time those things were written in.

Focoult - Epistime /epistimology