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Also reflecting on ‘painting’ the brushmarks now paper cutouts, assembling fragmentary image word forms on canvas in one direction (Paper Paintings) and recreating pop art style drunken? women images referencing painting (Weepy Women)  in in collage another. The end point of this exploration was to look briefly at burning these images, a somewhat violent act aimed at erasing the shame held within the memories of excessive times past, but also something that made the images alive. I took a camera to film them, which then lead onto looking at stop motion, where I haven’t bothered to create the illusion that I am not part of the image (frames are shot with my shadow and my hand peeking in).
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Paper Faces


Themes: Digital/Real fragmentation, Real space/flat digital space, Formal space, intellectual space, pictorial space, feminine space, digital femage, pattern/repitition/digital/textile textures, colour as light/paint

Departure #5

Position Shifiting
Conflict Resolution
Identity Politics

Lubania Humid - For use of textiles and garment construction to talk about the politics of work
Blackface in Contemporary Art - To understand how to and how not to reference others stories, if this arises as part of this investigation
Egg Man - Beastie Boys - Becasue its been Easter twice this past while, and thinking about identity politics, humpty dumpty, white fragility, conflict, aggression, cracks, times, traditions, pop culture and representations of human experience
Guan Wei - Becasue of the style he uses and also Australia/Asia focus
Hayden Jackson - Becasue of the brushstrokes he uses remind me of my drawings and I could interpret some of these like paintings
Constance Zikos - Particularly the Pin Ups series, becasuse of the flat bright colour and reference to the body and other symbolic imagery and being painted in gouache/designer medium

The following images are exploring issues of identity and space, including Austrlian national identity to the rest of the world, refugees, the place of women, sport, trade and refugees, and explore the inherited cultural heritage of genocide and displacement of Aboriginal people, as well as looking at characterisations such as colonist and tourist.

In the following two photographs, I have experimented taking my drawings of faces and  assembling them with spray painted backgrounds with emotionally charged colours and a variety of expressions, that can be interpreted as a complex narrative around differernt dynamics. The first image with its strange yellow smiling face in the background on which sits a sort of angrier woman face, a perplexed and shaggy man, a depressed and darkened woman, a wide eyed youth, and a sick baby all sit in a feild of fluropink and purple swirls (emotional charge) off to the side is a strip of silver and a strip of blue and a strip of orange fluffy fabric - the only real soft tactile surface in the image, the silver denim and wavy blue creating a shape in the negative (that could be interpreted as a collar shape also?) Who are these people and what their concerns are, are to be interpreted by the viewer.

I’ve  been reflectig on the sketchbook pages below, and I have realised maybe they are about national identity, where the Australian national identity is very much about sport, and in the design for these works there is a reference to borders and swimming, and so i think this is also about immigration, and border policies and refugees as well.

In the first hexagon there is a decorative border, with a design for what was originally beads but in the second sketch of it turns into pool lane dividers, the decorative border around the edge is genericlly decorative but with a nod towards textile traditions of the world. The inner area with the stripes also has a nod to wallpaper as well as potentially being a metaphor for prison bars and hence detention (decorative border/border patrol) Most of these ideas i realise I have gotten from the melage of popular culture that is television. Border Patrol, interior decoration shows, next in fashion and looking at the underlying narratives, as well as the news and left politics. The second hexagon looks at an interior, surrounded by water, inside, there is a puddle on the ground in the shape of Australia, and what might be interpreted as a money plant, though this could be any pot plant. There is something about this image that is full of a sadness with all that water. The outfit, which potentially could have a built in mask, also looks at related themes here, the bead/pool lane dividers are now strung over the hooded head, there is a built in second hooded area, and there are shoulder ruffles, and the same decorative stripes on the top. There are arms but no hands. There is a little matching brooch, that could also be a bit reminiscent of a badge, or prize. In the photos in the bottom, i’ve blended these ideas, making them on canvases I already have with some of the other masks and material from the experiments above.


Film stills from un-edited video project #1 - exploring stream of consiousness reactions to female body space, drawing, memory and catharsis

Costumes in progress for Video Experiment #2 - Costumes still to be completed/film to be explored

Costumes in progress for Video Experiment #3 - Costumes still to be completed/film to be explored

Other Experiements:

Song: You are the one A.A.L