Guided Music Imagery Sessions with Katrina

These are the notes from the third GIM session I had with Katrina on the 15th May 2020, following these notes are notes on my birth and upbringing with my Mother, promted by this session

What is behind the mania?




Its OK to be yourself

Recapping last GIM session

> heart space

> intersections

> pursue what it is you think you need to do


Anxiety being like a balloon

The music can teach me that it passes




long a bow




not feeling


fear of death

fear of self acceptance

fear of what i really am

what’s in the water

will i get stuck

man eater?


emotions stuck in emotions


Globally> the fear of getting stuck

stuck in a body

> Rebirthing artworks

> Freudian

Birthing process

’test the water’
Divine horror

Talk to Mum and ask gently about the both

Stuck existentialism, fear of birthing

1. Chesnokov - Salvation is created

2. Revel “Introduction to Allegro’ 1906

3. Revel - “Daphnis and Chole”

Impressionistic Music -

French early 1900’s

Stuck in the drama - Beethoven,


Debussy - Sirens 

Continues to appear in many forms

Unresolved strengthens/consolidates

Relationships evidence that reinforce the drama

Hi there Rachel:

Wonderful to see you this evening. I promised I would follow up with the name of those tracks.

Tonight was:

Ravel: Daphnis & Chloe Ballet (Introduction et danse religieuse)

Last week was:

Ravel: Introduction & Allegro for harp, flute, clarinet and strings

Interestingly, it is not an introduction for a piece, but to introduce to the world a new double-action harp pedal.  And you might also be interested in this following statement about its composition: “He wrote it at breakneck speed, as he had to complete it before embarking on a boating holiday with friends” (Wikipedia). Some people just have capacity to work fast.

And Chesnokov: Salvation is Created

Good luck with the busy three weeks ahead.  I’ll be in touch after that to see if you want to schedule another session.

Take care, Kat