ELEMENTS - An Exercise in working in video

What the point? / Pointless
Person arguing with someone on the phone:
Whats the point??
I don’t see your point???

> Then a shot of a drop of blood on the toilet seat  
>The character is wearing polka dots >Theres a minnie mouse picture on the toilet wall >Then a view of the ‘nose’ dipping paint and making dots - a reference to indigenous art, > A dark tunnel with a dot of light at the end > at the supermart the dots on the ground and a shot of walking through the isle trying to make a desicion about too many choices
> something about a decimal point
bubble wrap
> rice thrown on the ground
Sound > clock ticking etc

Crossing the line
A stip of vertical light, a door creaks open You’ve crossed the line
Get in line (clip from military movie?)
Toeing the line (accepting authority) Toes in spaghetti - something sexual about spaghetti being eaten messily

Borders and boundaries Reference aboriginal art? house gate, picket fences
the screwed up wire i love
thread all in a wriggle
a white streamer or gold streamer in the shape of something
a white streamer tied around a wrist
in the bath with the spaghetti?
Doing lines???
street lines
an artwork with lines in it?
Stripey tops - overlay Alexa Chung does french fashion
overhead wires
Have you got a line?
“If you build it, he will come.” -Field of Dreams, 1989
a clothes hanger on a clothes line
Sound - military

Get in Shape (all 2D)
Body shapes from sewing books
m/f shapes on toilet doors,
could cut out shapes on vynil cutter also???
A silohette of the cut out
Colouring books Pop up books

Nice Form
Yoga and yoga blocks as legs
would like to use a whole lot of different bodies here if possible.... you tube?

Watch your tone
traffic lights,
two hands holding, of different tones
money being lined up in tonal order
a pile of washing all messy on the floor, iorning clothes in different tonal grades
the streamer again but on a different background
Maybe the streamered figure?
A section mostly with cropped figures of naked bodies
From magazines, real life and porn?
The sky at dawn or dusk

Text U R
cat, hair, the couch nature the road a bed sheet wrinkles on the bed, grass, dirt, water running on the ground Get really crazy with it though, layers of texture, slime, goop, glitter, everything mixed in a bowl Sound: White noise, and lots of layers

Lucky Last
Testing Testing 123 A sound of pee and a pregnancy test strip shot Can have tiny bit of colour somehow on it??? Then the next shot a test strip with a piercing beeeeeeeep but pulled in from the edge, and some footage of colourful crazy party behind?

beauty/war (you’re body is a battleground)

doing up clothes and not

Tone It Down - dawn

How Do you Feel

Taking Form


communication break down

mascara clip remove distracting

> mel body love image

> tattooing body

> body

> exercise

Sensate ways of being