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>  A NOTE ON THE CHARACTERSOK, oh shit i just had a flashback to my child hood and the evil cartoon T.V character that has inspired this thing. I can see it clearly in my mind but can’t quite pick it... Ah its Willow The Wisp - the Evil Edna character who was a cranky TV witch, and come to think of it also this character is also reminiscent of Barry Humphries character Edna Everage.



So Willo The Wisp is a seemingly unabnoxious but deeply disturbing and favourite film clip in Britian and popular in Australia in the 1980’s and something i definitely watched, and by the look of my art have also unconsiously regurgitated - The other streamer costume I made (not the steamer faced one, but the other one i’ve made) - Willo the Wisp much???

The TV continually body shames the fat fairy, and she prefers to tell herself she is ‘obese’ as she dosen’t know what ‘obese’ means. There is s loveable dog (who is totally phallic) who is loved for his stupididty also.

Children would not pick up on the nuances, the irony of these characters, or any moral reading inbetween the lines. As a fairy loving, fat kid I loved Mavis and identifyed with her. But she was also constantly body shamed and told she was fat, and tricked into traps with her love of food.

‘Spell binding tales from willow the wisp???’ - What message did young girls get from this, what spell binding tales were performed on their young brains??? Don’t be fat, you’ll never get a prince. If you’re fat, you’re probably also dumb. Stay ignorant, its better that way (fuck you Moog).

Also, the evil characters is ‘Edna’. This cartoon came out in 1981 the year of my birth, and was aired in Australia in the following years.

Lets have a look at the other ‘Edna’ that can be linked to this charater.

Dame Edna Everage, is the brain child of Barry Humphries, who’s politics remain self declaredly unchecked. If he hasn’t check them then how does he know what he’s doing? He dosent. He has sprouted trans phobic comments, in kahoots with Germaine Greer, and exhibits signs of white fragility and difficulties facing ‘new puritanism’.

I realise this actually ties into current debates over whether TV with racist and mysoginist content should be removed from archives, and contemporary breaches of media’s new wokeness.  


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