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Dino Draw

The Dino Draw project brought together the work of over 638 primary school aged children who each enlarged a 1cm square of an original drawing of a Mamenchiensaurus dinosaur skeleton that was on display at the Melbourne Museum. 

The drawing was created during a series of outreach workshops as part of the Big Draw 2006, facilitated by Art Play and the City of Melbourne and was awarded an Outstanding Project Award in the 2006 Big Draw Drawing Innovation Awards. Seven schools from the outskirts of Melbourne participated; Churnside Park Primary, Koroit & District Primary, Meadowfair North Primary, Kingsbury Primary, Clayton North Primary, Lysterfeild Primary and Park Ridge Primary, with students ranging in age from 4-13 years old.

Dino Draw was funded by a Young Artist Grant form the Melbourne City Council, supported in-kind by Art Play and fine art materials were donated by Art Spectrum.

Dino Draw has been installed twice once at Art Play in Melbourne upon the completion of the project, and it was installed for Trouble - An exhibition of ANU print media and drawing alumni.

Photographs by David Tatnall.