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Research led - so many stories

Using materials made during the residency and artworks

Connecting self to the materials

Detective/Historian, searching,

Thinking to the show and personal connection

Memory, historic stories, variations,

Month long break end of residency beginning of the show

What remained the most?

Chinese women around that time

Ararat Gallery newspaper, 1800, genealogical society, already located by member of this society

Female / Chinese women representation in the show

The story, Mo Fun wife, historic Chinese historian of this area. Only Chinese woman at that time. Court case about a fight, Mo Fun, business police man had a fight around seeing the wife

Textile work - glimpse of Chinese woman, Easter festival, social engagement of people to western society, tent/stall, women in traditional costume

Small mentioning, and thinking about

Ornamentalism - Book

Asian female body always connected to material object/figure

The person not seen - the outer seen

Materials - textile, TAMA, a form of flag,

Around the time, flag/australia day

Flags are such a symbol of national identity, thinking about Chinese culture, everything within Aust national culture two sided flag

Want to be part, fitting in, by standing out

Fit in by standing out

Dramatic differences

Adapting self, representing self/ tokenistically

Playing with that mentality

Story reported in English in european newspaper for Chinese dear to be part of the ‘citizens’

Exotic costume

> When i was processing the work, flags/textiles, Australian flag, pressured by the gallery to give them a draft, having to compromise, not being given complete freedom

>Emphasise this conflict of the cultures and stereyotyped Chinese or storey typed Aust

> Using Chinese text on Aust flag to approach the conflict, and censorship

knowing to do it subtly

> Over decorated, bold, gold chinese, adopting stereotype of asian aesthetics, kitsch and OTT associated a lot with chinese women,

Weaponise this - if you want this i’ll give you this

Not wanting to be too obvious to trigger censorship

> Thinking about costume, and Chinese womens body

> Satorial material, that is the ideal material for that flag, keeping it simple, that you won’t see the text, outline of the text

virtues -

- time spent with Mum, private tailor having those conversations, how to make the stitches nice

- womens bodies small references to the body a circle for a breast etc

- glamorous and colourful, a disguise / the other side, black the other side internal mindset of Chinese migrants

news from chinese newspaper

- cut the plate to show they have westernised/civilised

- punishment to have the plate cut

- reflecting on chinese identity and other identity

- long sleeves - in traditional chinese opera tradition to dance with long sleeves

- water, sadness, lament

- loss of identity either being taken away or given up

- front and back

How to keep going?

Making work studying, being at uni is like the job

having a casual job but not getting a PT one worrying the job will over take the art making

How to be more commercial? Still learning, still trying different avenues

Ideas from chatting with Sy:

Who am I? Photographic series where I remake some of the clothes my mother made me, and remake some of her outfits from growing up. Remake the photos?

Remake school uniforms, and other outfits from personal history

Dress and photograph myself in clothes I already have.

Make up palettes see feminist writer suggested by Jaye Early - Andrea Dworkin