Notes from conversation with Masato Takasaka:

Sarah Ahmed  - Artist to look at

Sarah Ahmed declarations of whiteness

(Not I - The Narcissism of Whiteness)

What are the intentions of the work?

Lease of art historical sense/primitivism

Exoticises the other

Lucas Grogan -  being contentious

Cultural sensitivites

Neo-Primitivism - Heidi Museum

Dylan Martorell  - Slow Art Collective

Chaco Kato

Hyper Craft Approach

Performative ways of making

Oscilation between representation and abstract assemblage

>>>>>> Different Register

Mikayla Dwyer

No reference to the body but
Alistair McCluckie - Murray White Room

Bjorn Copeland

Mikayla Dwyer+Justine Williams - Buxton Contemporary


Future Primitive - Heidi Museum

> > > > >

Mike Kelley Day is Done


Chat with Trev  Clay the same afternoon- Cross pollination

alternative ways of making


Hamishy Farah

Tropes have been done - identity politics

white politics seem 80’s 90’s

Goodasgirl days

> pop

> Broken pop

Assume vivid astro focus