Conversation Kim Donaldson 5th May 2020

Kim looked over my work and suggested that the works presented as artworks at that moment seemed like portraits. She also commented on the lack of glitter! 

Kim brought up Justine Williams, as Lisa had previously, and this has come across my horizon previously, also syncing with work i’ve done over the years. 

We talked about world building, and also about planning something really specifically, so that i’m making something rather than an experiment, that is really specific and measured and considered. 

I have several costumes that i am working on so that might become a part of this idea. 

Another thing Kim suggested was to choose something within the pieces i’ve already created and to go deeper into it, rather than skimming lots of ideas across the surface. 

I’m not sure which idea or direction to go with at the moment but i will choose something i can delve deeper into. 

We talked about videos that i’ve done, i said i hadn’t uploaded them because I felt they were not quite finished or polished enough and we talked about building worlds, and perhaps to be in there playing music or something of that sort.