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3.5 minutes digital colour film

A film about self perception, projections, desire, fear and the potential for resolution

Set: The first few scenes take place in a bedroom that is shown in a hyper craft, fully saturated decor of collaged chaotic paper and streamers in red/pink/yellow colours, a fluro bedspread and pillows and metallicy foil wall hangings. 

Process shot below: But all the white will be gone and it will be totally covered in saturated colour. The high key pink of the room will help offset the green colour of the character.  

The choice to present the figure and the scene in a highly crafty, and cartoon/comic style is to reference the overly sentimental, nice and playful nature of childhood and woman hood, but in overdrive where it is almost toxic and oppressive. 

S1: We see the carboard box figure reflected in a full length mirror.

I want to use the mirror in my room, its an important way to reference self-reflection / self perception and also the narcissim of making art. I’ve gone to bed thinking about blind spots and the book ‘White Fragiligty’, I’ve been feeling really paranoid about what i’m saying in this work. I really want to reference self/othered perceptions of this character, I do not want the work to blindly reinforce any stereyotypes of white superiority, except i’m a white person making art at VCA, so it already does. Side stepping that not very blind spot... 

The character resolutely has a massive blind spot, the fact its a massive square is testament to this. Originally i made this as i wanted to reference painting. I think this is lost somewhat in the costume formation of this piece, however, the rectangle still references video screens and A1 paper. The phrase ‘pretty as a picture’ comes to mind though its not very pretty. 

What is the intention here? I do not want the work to be overly didactic, is there something to be learnt? I think for me the intention is to share a complex narrative around ‘the self’ which I have experiened, that horrible paranoid feeling of imposter syndrome, insecurity, vanity, depression, rage, and also bringing these together. 

It has a cute button nose in this reflection. 

This scene is meant to show the self perception of this figure, its a weird figure but its not too bad, it has a cute nose after all.
I still have to make the nose. 

S2: We see the figure again but from straight on, as if taking the mirrors view, it turns to the side and now in the profile we see a long nose instead of the cute button one.

This scene shows the viewers perception perhaps, or the reality of this figure. The long pointy nose could be perceived as meanness, or self interest, this reading is up to the viewers perception. It also aims to play into feelings around noses, for a long time I hated my nose, but what could i do? Rhinoplasty is not an option for money and for me ethical reasons. Its something plainly there in the middle of my face. Its also up to the way people read my face wether its pretty or not. And this is the thing of beauty and subjectivity.

The figure has big cartoon eyes, the eyes are too close together and coming from the nose section. The face is divided into three sections that span out from the bottom left side, the colours are blue/green/orange, with the green also being the colour of the nose. There is a big pink bow on one side. 

Becasue of mainstream media, noses are very small and on beautiful faces mostly. I think its easy to start hating your nose, also, its a defining feature of race. This is where this character potentially straddles dangerous territory. The figure is resolutely cartoon so it seems like it might not be racialised. Lets examine it a bit further. Its brightly coloured, Orange and blue are complimentary colours, but green is the colour of witches and monstors in cartoons. If this were to be read as a POC, how would that look in the rest of the story. What would i be saying about things then? How would that be read? 

S3: Its sitting on the bed reading ‘Rug Hooking Made Easy’ 

 looks in the mirror and thinks its cute, but its actually mean, sits on bed a researches craft books - a link to culture/history but i want to use the book, Rug Hooking Made Easy, as a reference to masterbation/or potentially picking up women, but this might be read differently from this view, and as a reference to more historicalised connection with craft?

S4: In the dark, the image showes an orb in a dark space

S5: We see a scene of a zoom meeting going on

.. this is to reference the pandemic obviously - what ever is in the orb is in the zoom meeting - so who is this character?
Can i make it a faceless streamer thing? The streamers match the interior of the orb which in my mind is similar to the photos i took ‘Real Femmage, Texture Implied’, the colours are white and pink. 

S6:Then a flash to the eye lids opening

- this is a reference for consiousness - and the glitter scene pouring down, a reference again to sentimentalism of femininity and  of craft. 

A figure emerges from an orb - in the sketch the way i’ve made it makes it look like an Aboriginal flag, but this is not the intent and that won’t be translated in the final, its just a dark space. I might use an overlay of decorative light. The egg has a light in it, so its coming out of the light and into a dark space. This references the known to the unknown. It could also reference this figure bringing light with it, but i also don’t want this to be so... if the light in the egg were more dim, say from fairy lights, than from a lamp this would less be the reading. At the same time, i kind of want the interiour to be bright and garish

S7: The next scene you see the person head down towards its crotch screaming 

this is to reference anxiety pretty clearly, I want this to be a shillohete, so we can’t really see the identity of the person, also the person is still in a dark space so it also can’t see its own identity. What is this anxiety about? For me i want it to represent a kind of post natal depression, or the anxiety at being born in a Freudian way. 
The nose on the character is also quite Freudian. 

S8: Then we see the character back on the bed again, theres a knock on the door, and the thing streamer thing comes in. 

This is the end of the clip, we have here not a resolution but a connecting of these two characters and what does that mean?

The anxious, newly born streamer face, and the perceptively confused blind sighted female character with massive box body 

Mouth??? Tounge???

S3: This shot shows a large dark orb in a dark space.