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The Plot:

Corona Virus

An evil picture sets a horrible disease into the world in order to take a break from reality.

Gibberish Nonsense

Feeling fractalised disembodied confused

Things feel far away

People are just concepts beautiful colours arrays of concepts smiles this existence

What and what the fuck

Only the moment is now

Just accept it, accept the moment, accepting the moment accepting the anger

Intercept, concept, development aphorist philosophy

No bothersome philosophphist monsters

No linda ronstat lost less gloss test available for top best

Don’t tell me that you lost it

just tell me you won the floss test in your own tent

you paid the rent, your bills are sent, no books be lent, no pegs be bent, no money spent

You’re fine, you’re mean, you’re cool, you glean

You live the life in camp sets, you live the live with tramp bets, you live the life in hamper best on stolen soil where wealthy toil to make the ends meet,

Glamp test.